Louisville, CO – Video Training Source made two videos about workplace violence prevention in which being religious was portrayed as a key characteristic. In “A Strategy for Prevention” the narrator said, “Many perpetrators are described as being religious or political extremists. This behavior further drives co-workers away.” This statement is said as a close-up shot of a grotto is shown, getting closer and bringing the statue of the Blessed Virgin into focus. In another video, “Awareness and Prevention,” the voice said, “Many perpetrators are described as being religious or political extremists. They frequently push these opinions off on others, further driving co-workers away.” This is said as the potential perpetrator is shown eating lunch with a co-worker; the former is being argumentative while apparently using a Bible.

Long Island, NY – An employee at Winthrop-University Hospital was terminated because he removed a cartoon from a bulletin board that was disrespectful toward the Holy Family. He then sent a brief message over the computer system asking that all such displays be removed. Misuse of company materials was the apparent excuse for the firing. The league met with hospital officials, as a result of which Winthrop agreed to provide the employee with lost wages during the period of his unemployment, as well as to accept his letter of resignation and rescind his termination.


Massachusetts – Some employees at Digital Equipment Corporation posted anti-Catholic statements including the following: “Neil, I blame the religious bigots for the problems….many seriously bigoted people are in positions of authority in many religions….last but not least a rabidly homophobic Pope.”

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