The December 17 episode of the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) show, RAW, featured a big screen presentation of Booker T. and Stone Cold Austin that mocked the Catholic Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Booker was shown hiding from Austin in a confessional.  A young buxom woman walks into the confessional and proceeds to confess to the sin of adultery.  Booker, posing as a priest, insists on the details.  According to the narrative posted on, when she admitted videotaping her sexual experience, “Booker said if she did 18 Hail Marys and sent him the videotape, she would be forgiven!”  This scene was soon followed by one that saw Booker questioning a man in the confessional if he had ever been to a red-light district or smoked marijuana.  Then there was another offensive scene between the two wrestlers and several nuns.

Here is what Catholic League president William Donohue said about the show:

“Vince McMahon runs the WWF and he is personally responsible for this irresponsible show.  But given his track record of promoting the most vile and obscene behavior associated with his ‘sport,’ it is doubtful that anything can shame him.  Indeed, his greatest ambition in life seems to be how low he can drop society’s ethical bars, putting him in direct competition with the likes of Larry Flynt and Howard Stern.

“Given the large number of angry complaints we received about this episode, it’s an indication that McMahon’s base may be eroding.  In the meantime, on the hunch that McMahon is an equal opportunity sort of guy, we suggest he pick on another religion next time.  Maybe then he’ll regard Catholicism as a kinder and gentler religion not deserving of his stupid antics.”

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