The June 27 Samantha Bee show was a rerun, with previously run commercials inserted, rendering our monitoring of Wonderful Pistachios temporarily moot. The next new show will be aired on July 18—and we will be watching to see whether Wonderful Pistachios at that time discontinues advertising on Samantha Bee.

Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on the league’s latest move regarding Samantha Bee’s TBS show, “Full Frontal”:

Now that we have succeeded in getting Verizon, P&G, Wendy’s, and Ashley HomeStore to stop advertising on Samantha Bee’s “Full Frontal,” next up is Wonderful Pistachios.

Wonderful Pistachios is the product of The Wonderful Company, a Los Angeles-based company that sells California pistachios all over the world; its reach is enormous. Given its high profile, it surely does not want to be tagged as supporting a show that denigrates women and Catholics.

The unforgiveable comment made by Bee about the president’s daughter—calling her a “c***”—still sticks in the mind of most Americans. That is why sponsors are fleeing her show left and right.

Wonderful Pistachios, with its familiar black packaging, is a great product. But there is nothing great about sponsoring a misogynist and an anti-Catholic bigot.

On June 22, we sent a letter in the overnight mail to Stewart Resnick, the head of The Wonderful Company; he should now be in possession of it. I asked him to pull ads for Wonderful Pistachios from Bee’s show.

Please be advised that the June 27 show is a repeat. However, each week new sponsors are sought, repeat or no. They will continue with repeats for a few weeks; the next new show is July 18.

Contact: Mark Carmel, director of corporate communications:

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