Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on the sponsors of the Samantha Bee TBS show, “Full Frontal”:

Newsbusters, the media monitoring arm of the Media Research Center, revealed last week that several sponsors of the Samantha Bee show of May 30—the one where she used the “c-word” to describe Ivanka Trump—did not post an advertisement on the next edition of “Full Frontal”; most of those who pulled their ads from the June 6 edition did so quietly.

Verizon was one of the only big companies to run an ad on both shows. Procter & Gamble (P&G) ran an ad for Cascade on the June 6 edition.

On June 8, we issued a news release posting my letters to the CEO and Chairman of Verizon and the CEO and Chairman of P&G: I asked them to discontinue advertising on Bee’s show. We also listed email contact information for both companies so that our followers could get in touch with them.

A woman from Verizon called a few hours later indicating that they had gotten the message; they were inundated with emails asking Verizon to pull its sponsorship. Although she did not say definitively that Verizon was going to discontinue its ads, she indicated that that may happen.

We look for Verizon not to advertise on Bee’s next show, which is June 13. We also hope that P&G will pull its sponsorship. Either way, we will address this issue again on June 14.

Contact: James J. Gerace, Chief Communications Officer, Verizon:

For P&G, contact:

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