Bill Donohue

Rachel Levine, President Biden’s assistant secretary of health, should be celebrating Father’s Day—he has two children—but he won’t be. That’s because he thinks he is a woman. But he didn’t celebrate Mother’s Day either. Why would a parent not celebrate one of these two days?

Rachel was born Richard Levine. Even though virtually all of the mainstream media falsely refer to him as a she, he knows he’s a man and he knows he fathered two children. But he doesn’t like it when people tell him the truth. He prefers it when they lie.

Four years ago, a Pittsburgh-area lawmaker wished him a Happy Father’s Day. That didn’t sit too well with Rachel or his friends. Cora Brna, a transgender advocate, said, “It’s just hateful. It’s disguised as a joke, but it’s not funny.” But why is it “hateful” to congratulate a father on Father’s Day?

Rachel was raised in Boston by two lawyers. He attended an elite all-male Hebrew school. After graduating from Harvard he went to Tulane Medical School. He didn’t “transition” until he was in his fifties, after seeing a therapist. Did he finish the job and have his genitals cut off? He won’t say.

When asked by Sen. Rand Paul at his confirmation hearing, the senator asked if he believed minors should be able to “amputate their breasts or amputate their genitalia.” He wouldn’t say. The best he could do was to say the issue is “very complex.” He did not indicate why a question about self-mutilation was complex, especially given that those undergoing the knife are children.

It needs to be added that the Biden administration and the National Education Association are both on record saying that minors should be able to “transition” behind the backs of their parents.

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