A recent CBS poll shows that 8-in-10 (79%) voters say things are “out of control.” This is alarming. It is wholly out of character for the American people to register such a high degree of consternation with the contemporary state of affairs. Historically, it is in times of dire distress—a war or economic crisis—when sentiments are this extreme.

What’s going on? We get some idea of what’s driving this condition when we consider that the survey found that Republicans are winning those who say things are “out of control” by more than 20 points. It suggests that Americans trace our situation to decisions reached by Democrats.

It’s not hard to rattle off some contributing factors:

• high rates of inflation
• dwindling retirement portfolios
• the energy crisis
• a violent crime wave
• a surge in fentanyl deaths
• the supply chain monster
• illegal aliens crashing our borders
• a spike in the homeless population
• a record number of mentally ill people walking the streets
• the near universal embrace of critical race theory
• a woke military
• left-wing indoctrination in the classroom
• high rates of anxiety, depression and suicides among youth
• near total distrust of the media
• parental rights under fire
• children encouraged to question their sex
• an emboldened and aggressive China

We’ve had many of these problems before, or problems similar to them, but what’s different this time is that many of these outcomes are a function of will: they have been intentionally generated. They are a matter of policy.

The pandemic proved to be costly, but few now think that shutting down businesses and schools, for as long as we did, was a smart move. When billions of dollars are suddenly added to the economy, high rates of inflation are unavoidable. The war on fossil fuels and the contrived demand for electric vehicles has also taken its toll.

Never before have we witnessed such a rash of pro-criminal legislation, the result being a predictable jump in violent crimes. Our southern border problem could be drastically relieved if some very commonsensical remedies were employed, but it is obvious that this problem—like so many others—is by design. This is what the ruling class wants.

There is no legitimate reason why children should be told to question whether they are happy being a boy or a girl. A new poll reveals that 60% of Americans now say that encouraging children to “change their gender” is child abuse. Yet no one is held accountable. The medical profession has disgracefully endorsed this sick agenda.

Accountability is lacking across the board.

The average American works hard and cannot understand why this is happening. It is happening because our elites in government, the corporations, education, activist organizations, the entertainment industry and the media have decided to launch the “Great Reset.” In other words, they have decided the country needs a radical overhaul. This explains why they are bent on shoving their radical agenda down our throats.

They are the ones responsible for creating this “out of control” environment. Not until the vast majority of Americans stand up to this madness will matters change.

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