On December 19, Newsmax published a piece by Bill Donohue [click here] offering many examples of how the anti-Christmas agenda is losing. Today he explains why:

In the 1980s, when the “War on Christmas” began, everyone knew our side was on the defensive. However, in recent years it has been evident that things are turning around. (Note: While there are cable TV hosts who would have us believe they are the ones responsible for pushing back, in reality it’s been the work of civil rights groups like the Catholic League.)

For instance, with help from the Thomas More Law Center, the Catholic League sued the City of New York for discriminating against Christians; we’ve retaliated against corporations like Wal-Mart for buying into the anti-Christmas agenda; we’ve inspired Catholics in the states to push for their rights by arming them with legal documents; we’ve distributed paraphernalia urging respect for our rights; we’ve sent nativity scenes to all 50 governors; we’ve undercut the work of atheists by posting billboards to counter their message; annually, we’ve erected our own crèche on public property. And much more.

The good news is that what began as a battle of advocacy groups has evolved into a true grassroots rebellion. Our side is fed up with attempts to shove a politically correct secular agenda down our throats (of which the Christmas war is a microcosm). In short, the troops have taken over where the generals left off. That’s not true of the other side.

As important as any development, there has been a widespread revulsion against the negative message of radical secularists. It is one thing to post an ad saying, “Why believe in a god? Just be good for goodness’ sake”; it is quite another to display a hate-filled poster next to a manger scene, or to exploit Jesus crucified on a billboard. This is why the average person—including non-believers—is turning against them.

For all these reasons, our side has the militant atheists on the run. Let’s keep it that way. Merry Christmas!

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