Few comedians are more anti-Catholic than Bill Maher, so it struck us as laughable that he would be upset with the policies of Bob Jones University.

Maher was recently interviewed by Larry King on CNN about a wide range of topics. In the course of the conversation, King noted that Maher liked Senator Joe Biden on the Democratic side, and then asked, “What about, are you still a McCain fan on the Republican side?” Maher replied, “He’s losing me and a lot of people.” Stunned, King questioned, “Because?” “Well,” Maher said, “did you see what he said today about Bob Jones University?” To which King said, “No, what did he say?” Maher responded as follows: “Well, he said I might go to Bob Jones. This is the guy who in 2000 said George Bush to Bob Jones, I would never go there. I would say to them, why don’t you come out of the 16th century and come into the 21st century? Well, I don’t think they’ve made up those 500 years since he last ran for president.”

This is interesting on two counts. Number one, as we mentioned in the above article, Bob Jones University dropped its racist policy governing dating six years ago. Number two, that leaves its anti-Catholic rhetoric, to the extent it still exists. Now given Maher’s long record of Catholic bashing, he couldn’t possibly be upset with Bob Jones if the school hasn’t changed. It is not likely that the school’s Catholic-bashing matters to him either way.

So what’s all the fuss about? Our guess is that Maher has no idea that the offensive racist policy has been dropped. Too bad he doesn’t read the newspapers.

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