Time and time again, critics charge that the Catholic League has no right to speak for all Catholics. Never mind that we never said we did, or that we have repeatedly said otherwise, the mudslingers continue to dig for dirt. But it makes us wonder why no one seems to ask the We Are Church/Call to Action folks how they can honestly advertise themselves as representing “70%” of American Catholics, given their tiny support. In a recent ad for an upcoming conference, that’s exactly the claim they made.

Not too long ago, the We Are Church ensemble pledged to get 1,000,000 Catholics to sign its petition demanding that Rome restructure the Church. After foundation money poured in, and after schoolchildren were literally bribed a buck for every name they snatched, the final tally was an embarrassing 37,000 signatures, a third of which came from non-Catholics. By contrast, the Catholic League garnered over 1,000,000 signatures in three months protesting the Disney/ABC show “Nothing Sacred.” And remarkably we did it without exploiting children or cheating.

So who speaks for Catholics? While that can be debated, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out who doesn’t.

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