Being ethically inconsistent is a trait that is universal, no matter how hard we try to be consistent. Usually, it doesn’t matter too much, and that is because our shortcomings are limited to a small group, mostly family, friends, neighbors and work associates. But when it comes to public persons—those whose values and behavior affect a large segment of society—it matters a great deal.

Regrettably, we live in a time when a record number of public persons has let us down. From congressmen to school superintendents, surveys reveal tremendous disappointment. What’s worse is when we are lied to by these people, or when they become rank hypocrites: it gets infuriating when we learn that there is one standard for them, and another for us.

In this regard, Disney is among the worst. It continues to make children’s movies that are politically charged, inappropriate, and in some cases indecent. Yet it always obeys its bosses in Muslim-run Middle Eastern nations, as well as in Communist China—Disney gives them a pass and refuses to insist that they show the same entertainment fare that they foist on us at home.

It was reported in February that in deference to their Communist masters, Disney deleted an episode of “The Simpsons.” Why would they do that? The show mentioned forced labor in China.

If there is one thing that Disney, the Muslim-run nations, and Communist China have in common, it’s that they loathe Christians. For instance, Disney continues to make movies that offend Christian sensibilities. Muslim and Chinese dictators up the ante: If they are not culturally raping Christians, stopping them from practicing their religion, they are literally killing them.

There are people at Disney who hate America. That is a strong charge, but how else to explain why they lie to children about American history.

A recent episode of Disney+’s “Proud Family” titled “Louder and Prouder,” featured a song that began with the lyric, “This country was built on slavery—which means slaves built this country”; it was repeated over and over.

Then there is the plea for cash. “We the descendants of slaves in America have earned reparations for their suffering. And continue to earn reparations every moment we spend submerged in a systemic prejudice, racism and white supremacy that America was founded with and still has not atoned for.”

In truth, slaves—who were sold by their African ancestors to the Europeans—were only a small minority, so to claim that they built this country is preposterous. More important, those who enslaved blacks, which included black slavemasters, are all dead, so to shakedown innocent persons to pony up for offenses they never committed is morally abhorrent.

Even more important, were it not for Christianity, and the natural law principles embedded in our founding documents, slavery would not have been outlawed. And by the way, slavery exists today in many countries, mostly in Africa. Who’s going to shakedown today’s masters? Rep. Ilhan Omar? Somalia, her home country, is a slave nation.

Disney has no monopoly on dishonesty. At the Grammys, when Beyoncé accepted an award, she said, “I’d like to thank the queer community for your love.” She cried saying it, so we know she was sincere. But was she?

Two weeks earlier Beyoncé sang in Dubai, where it is illegal to be gay. Moreover, she conveniently chose not to sing any of her pro-LGBT songs, lest she offend her gracious hosts. Her deference may also have something to do with the fact that she was paid $24 million for her gig. Looks like her love for the queer community has its price

Politicians have long lied to us, so no examples need to be given. But what about those in the business community? To be sure, they have lied to us in the past about their products and services, but at least they didn’t pose as patriots while trying to subvert American values.

There is a new database called the 1792 Exchange. Its goal is to alert the public to dishonest companies who try to hide their left-wing agenda. For example, most of these entities promote the Equality Act, the proposed congressional legislation (backed by President Biden) that would force Catholic doctors and hospitals to perform abortions, as well as sex-reassignment surgeries; they either cooperate or they will be shut down.

Now it is one thing for a corporation to deviate here and there, quite another when it becomes a radical activist. According to the database, the following ten companies are the worst at adopting the politics of the Left: Alaska Airlines; Allstate; Comcast; CVS; Ford; Kohl’s; Kroger; Marriott; Mattel; and Pfizer.

Dishonesty is the new norm. To be sure, most of those who work in these corporations are good Americans, but the sad fact is that those at the top cannot be trusted.

The elites have let us down. The ruling class does not believe in the same traditional moral values that most Americans still believe in. We need to make them the outliers—the odd man out—and not let them sideline us.

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