Did you know that Pope John Paul II was “a mass murderer”? Did you know that he should be indicted “for crimes against humanity”? That’s because you don’t read theGuardian, one of London’s top newspapers. Exactly those charges were made in the October 7 edition of the paper.

According to the Guardian, the pope deserves this beating because he is opposed to condoms. And because of that, children are dying of AIDS. To which William Donohue commented, “Blaming the pope for AIDS because he opposes condoms is on the order of blaming libertarians for car fatalities because they oppose seat belts.” Donohue also opined, “I understand that the Catholic population in England has doubled in recent years. Perhaps that is the source of your anxiety.”” His letter was printed on October 14.

Turning to the Sunday Times of London, we learn how unhappy Andrew Sullivan is with William Donohue. In a lengthy diatribe against the Catholic League president, Sullivan branded Donohue “a fiery Irish-Catholic” who “patrols the culture to see what he can be offended by.” To which Donohue pleaded not guilty: “This is patently untrue: all I have to do is read papers like the Sunday Times of London to uncover instances of anti-Catholic bigotry.”

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