Given the heightened interest the media have regarding the sex abuse scandal in the Catholic Church, we thought it would be nice to see if what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. William Donohue wrote the following news release of June 12 that explains what we did:

“The sexual abuse crisis in the New York City public schools dwarfs the scandal in the Catholic Church, yet state lawmakers are doing nothing about it. This outrageous condition demands a response from Albany.

“In today’s newspapers, it is reported that four teachers with a history of misconduct are being removed from the classroom by New York City Schools Chancellor Joel Klein because he is convinced that they are a threat to children. Of the three teachers involved in sexual misconduct, one male teacher is accused by male students of paying them $100 each for the privilege of performing oral sex on them during school hours. Administrators, teachers and students all knew about it for six months. When the teacher was finally investigated, he was allowed to remain in the classroom for three months. Another teacher is charged with fondling a handicapped student; the third teacher is charged with rape and sodomy. And what was the response of teachers union president Randi Weingarten? She blasted Klein for his decision to protect the kids from these teachers.

“These are not isolated incidents. A previous study by the New York Post revealed that at least one child is sexually abused by a school employee every day in New York City schools! One third of the accused are repeat offenders and more than 60 percent are simply transferred to desk jobs. And each time reforms are proposed, the unions invoke state law protecting tenured teachers at the expense of innocent children.

“I am writing today to Governor George Pataki and every member of the New York State legislature to conduct an investigation of this incredible abuse of power and to enact new laws that put the safety of children first. Predator teachers are no more acceptable than predator priests.”

We’ll let our members know if and when any legislator has any interest in following through.

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