Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on Antifa and Black Lives Matter:

Antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM) share one goal and two strategies in common. Their goal is to destroy America and their preferred means are both violent and non-violent. In this regard, they make the Jan. 6 rioters look like the Little League—the Trump supporters did not kill anyone (the only person killed was a female unarmed protester), and they are not bent on destroying the country.

Regarding this last point, the American people know this intuitively. A recent Rasmussen poll found that only 49% of voters support the Jan. 6 inquiry, while 66% want Congress to investigate last year’s protest violence. Yet Congress is doing just the opposite.

Whatever one thinks of the Jan. 6 rioters, they are not a threat to the average American; the same is not true of Antifa or BLM. To be specific, according to the Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project, 570 of the left-wing protests last year resulted in a riot. Dozens were killed and many more were injured, including some 700 law enforcement officers.

Reporter Andy Ngo has chronicled Antifa better than anyone. He has also been beaten up more than any other reporter. He has the pictures, videos and testimony of Antifa protesters and their victims, capturing the kind of evidence that settles the debate: explosives, guns, knives and Molotov cocktails—this is what the Antifa cowards dressed in black (with their faces covered) are all about. Yet there are some who are still in denial.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, a radical left-wing organization that is greased by American-hating plutocrats, not only contends that Antifa is not violent, it actually maintains that classifying it as such is “dangerous” and a “threat” to civil liberties. Nice to know which side they’re on.

The Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project determined that 95% of all the 2020 summer riots were tied to BLM. We also know that BLM is said to be responsible for 25 deaths and thousands of injuries. Yet the Marxist millionaires who run it continue to get grants from establishment foundations, so riddled with white guilt are its patrons. Nice to know which side they’re on.

The non-violent means used by Antifa and BLM to destroy America focuses on annihilating the social and cultural bases of society, namely family and religion.

In 2019, a community college professor, Jeff Klinzman, declared, “I affirm that I am antifa.” On his Facebook page, he previously expressed the desire to “stop evangelical Christians,” even going so far as to say, “Kill them all and bury them deep in the ground!” (Would Facebook have allowed someone to call for the killing of Antifa terrorists?)

Last summer, Antifa threatened to destroy a cross at a Christian college in Oregon, calling it a “racist” symbol. This was after some of them burned Bibles and an American flag in front of a courthouse in Portland. When hundreds of Christians turned out to sing Gospel music in the neighborhood taken over by rioters, Antifa showed up yelling obscenities and threatening local black pastors. Later that year, more than 100 of them vandalized a Catholic church, smashing its front windows.

Antifa’s attack on the family was recently showcased when some of its members took the side of a radical transgender person. A man who falsely claimed to be a woman entered a Korean spa in Los Angeles this month and paraded around totally naked “right in front of young girls, teens and grown women.” When a woman complained, Antifa terrorists showed up and clashed with the LAPD in defense of the pervert.

BLM is even more committed to destroying the family. It explicitly says it wants to eradicate the “nuclear family structure,” though it has since taken that post down from its website. Two of the three female founders “identify as queer,” and all of them are “committed to fostering a queer-affirming network.” One of the queers says she is “married to a trans male.”

Why does any of this matter? Because BLM is founded on Marxism, and Marxists deny human nature and want to upend the nuclear family. Similarly, Antifa is a nihilistic band of left-wing activists who also want to undermine civil society.

Antifa and BLM are not shy about boasting what their goal is and how they intend to achieve it. The only ones still not convinced are their cheerleaders in the media, education and the corporate world. At best, they are moronic. No matter, they are a danger to the wellbeing of every American.

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