When a shopper in a Macy’s store in Queens, New York sought to purchase a Christmas gift card, she was dismayed to learn that none were available. While she could buy a card reading “Happy Hanukkah,” there was nothing to represent this major Christian holiday. The shopper, however, didn’t just shrug and buy one of the available winter-themed cards. She called us.

We quickly discovered that Christmas gift cards were not only missing from the New York store, they were absent from the Macy’s web catalogue as well. Not content to ignore this disparity of holiday treatment, we quickly left a message for one of the department store’s directors of publicity informing her of our discontent. We heard back from the executive a short time later, and she reported that due to a manufacturing error, the Christmas cards were delayed in production and would eventually be available.

To ensure that Macy’s would make haste to give Christmas its fair due, we also called a vice president at the store’s parent company, Federated Department Stores. He told us right away that he knew of the Catholic League and why we were calling. He assured us that the company was working to correct the error and make Christmas cards available as soon as possible. His promise was fulfilled the very next day.

It is to Macy’s credit that they reversed the production error so quickly, and the Catholic League’s credit that they were so attentive to our inquiries. Were it not for the diligence of the league’s friends who keep us aware of what they see and hear, we would not be able to be such a prevalent force in the War on Christmas.

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