Larry Flynt, prince of pornographers, now gets his jollies by “outing” Republicans in the House who have had affairs. The shameless publisher of Hustler has decided to release his findings in a “Flynt Report,” hoping to make a small fortune selling salacious gossip to the public. Curiously, when Hustler editor Allan MacDonell was asked if the report would offer graphic descriptions of the sexual affairs, he replied, “According to Hustler standards, no.” But then he added, “According to the Catholic League, yes.” It would be more accurate to say that we have standards and he has none.

The Empire State Pride Agenda, which is the lobbying group for homosexuals and lesbians in New York State, recently got 50 activists to attend a strategy session on how best to advance their agenda in 1999. All kinds of ideas were thrown on the table, most of which will fortunately never leave the table. The one we liked best was, “Where is the counterbalance to right-wing groups like the Catholic League?” Forget the attempt to demonize us, what we enjoyed best was the idea—absurd though it is—that the Catholic League is in need of being counterbalanced. But as the sociologist W.I. Thomas once said, perception is reality, so we’ll take it and run with it.

John McLaughlin of the “McLaughlin Group” TV talk show, ended 1998 by broaching a discussion on the 17th annual McLaughlin Group Year-End Awards. When it came to the award for what was the “Fairest Rap” of the year, Pat Buchanan said: “The denunciation by the Catholic League of Terrence McNally’s play, ‘Corpus Christi.’ This is the one that features Christ as in a nest of homosexuals. They denounced that as a hate crime by America’s cultural elite and they were dead right.”

Thanks, Pat. Your comment provides a much needed counterbalance; we hope our critics took note.


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