Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on the TBS show, “Full Frontal,” starring Samantha Bee:

We were happy to note last week that Verizon and P&G did not advertise on Samantha Bee’s show of June 13; this followed a week of protest by Catholic League supporters. We were not happy to note that Wendy’s ran a spot that night. Accordingly, we asked our allies to contact the family-friendly company, and they did so in droves. Let’s see if Wendy’s advertises on her June 20 show.

Bee is in trouble largely because of her obscene attack on the president’s daughter. But her vile antics extend way beyond that one inexcusable show. For example, Bee has a history of attacking the Catholic Church, and indeed she did so again last week.

The June 13 edition of “Full Frontal” included a segment on the abortion referendum in Ireland. Instead of reporting on both sides, the correspondent lied about the Catholic Church. She said that the “Magdalene Laundries” were “prison-like” facilities for wayward women where “children were often forcibly taken from them.” Film clips from the movie “Philomena” were shown.

As I have shown, neither of these accusations are true. They are pure propaganda. Moreover, “Philomena,” as I have recounted, was itself the product of deceit and out-and-out lies. No matter, this issue has nothing to do with the referendum—it was simply an opportunity to bash the Church again.

They even dragged out Colm O’Gorman to take cheap shots at the Church; he is the executive director of Amnesty International in Ireland. What viewers weren’t told is that he is also a pro-abortion extremist whose hatred of the Church once propelled him to sue Pope John Paul II on wholly false grounds. Obviously, his effort got nowhere.

This is vintage Samantha Bee. She verbally assaults innocent persons, smears the Catholic Church, and hires like-minded staff to promote her hateful agenda. Her appeal may be limited to the morally challenged, but that is still too many.

Wendy’s is too good a company to be associated with this show. Many other big name sponsors have pulled their ads. So should Wendy’s.


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