One of the more prestigious schools in the nation’s capital is the National Cathedral School. Not too long ago, the expensive Protestant prep school threw its Third Annual Celebration Dinner. Unfortunately, the participants couldn’t resist showing off their anti-Catholic bigotry.

The hosts of the event, as well as some of the guests, decided to dress as Catholic monks and nuns. The smiles on their faces told us how very much they enjoyed ridiculing our faith, all the while using the event to raise money for the school. What they teach about Catholicism at National Cathedral School is not known, nor is it something we care to explore.

To so how gracious we are, we made the following offer: “At your next fund-raising event, choose another religion to caricature—perhaps the Jewish faith, or a Protestant denomination. We will be happy to pay for the appropriate raiments for your partygoers. Then we would like you to explain to those religious groups that you really didn’t mean to offend them.”

The Headmistress of the school, Agnes Underwood, never answered our letter. But at least she knows we’re thinking about her.

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