The Catholic League is grateful that one of its members, John Raczak from California, has alerted us to a movie that may offend Catholics.

Warner Books recently spent $1 million for the rights to a book by Glenn Kleier called The Last Day. The reason for the high figure is due to the interest that Warner Bros. has in making a movie based on the book. So why is the Catholic League concerned? Because the novel is being touted as a book that “invalidates all religions and takes on the Vatican.”

William Donohue wrote to Warner Bros. president Bob Daley stating that if the movie is anything like the book’s description, it “is bound to trigger a response from the Catholic League.” Donohue asked Daley to verify whether Warner Bros. was planning on going ahead with the film.

Members can write to Daley at:

Warner Bros. Inc., 1325 Avenue of the Americas, New York, New York 10019.

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