As usual, this Halloween season ran out the common costumes depicting Jesus, priests, nuns, ministers, rabbis, and imams, most of which were innocuous. But there were two costumes that were vulgar, and, as usual, they were designed to offend Catholics: a priest with an erection and a pregnant nun, often sold as a pair.

Some immigrant groups were upset about an illegal alien costume, but weren’t complaining it was vulgar. A mere depiction of Muhammad in a Danish cartoon that was anything but vulgar led to riots. Now imagine what would happen if we paired Muhammad sporting an erection with a Latina illegal alien? Not to worry, it’s only Catholic clergy and religious that the bigots want to bash.

Spirit Halloween, owned by Spencer Gifts, carried the objectionable costumes, as did the websites of Amazon, Halloween Costume World, Annie’s Costumes, Halloween Store and Halloween Express.

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