Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on Planned Parenthood’s string of election defeats:

The biggest loser in Georgia’s recent special Congressional election—besides the Democratic candidate—may well have been Planned Parenthood. The nation’s leading purveyor of abortion poured $734,000 into the failed campaign of Jon Ossoff—second in spending only to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Making it even more painful for them, the winner, Karen Handel, has long been an outspoken critic of Planned Parenthood’s radical abortion practices.

The defeat continues a downward political spiral for Planned Parenthood. In 2012, according to Ballotpedia, the organization’s political arm successfully backed President Obama’s re-election, and supported the winner in 15 of 18 U.S. House and Senate races it targeted.

Four years later, however, its political fortunes plummeted. The Planned Parenthood Action Fund backed Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump for president, reporting expenditures of over $30 million in that losing effort. Planned Parenthood heavily focused its resources on six swing states: Wisconsin, Ohio, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire. Trump defeated Clinton in four of the six. The organization also backed the losing candidate in seven out of 10 U.S. Senate races it targeted.

Now comes the defeat in Georgia—on the heels of an earlier special Congressional  election in Montana, where the Planned Parenthood Action Fund launched a six-figure ad campaign for Democratic nominee Rob Quist. Quist lost to Republican Greg Gianforte—even after Gianforte had been charged with assaulting a reporter just before the election.

This downturn in Planned Parenthood’s political fortunes seems to coincide with its being exposed, in a recent series of undercover videos, as trafficking in the sale of body parts from aborted babies. It is also consistent with surveys like a recent Gallup poll that show a clear majority of Americans believe abortion should be illegal or legal only in a few circumstances—a clear rejection of the Roe v. Wade mandate, abortion at any time for any reason, that is embraced and practiced by Planned Parenthood.

A hundred years ago, Planned Parenthood was begun amid the racist and anti-Catholic rantings of its founder, Margaret Sanger. Yet even she—while determined to prevent the “lesser breeds” from reproducing—could not bring herself to embrace abortion.

For her modern day heirs, however, the indiscriminate killing of children in the womb is no problem—and if a profit can be turned by selling their body parts, so much the better.

No wonder that Americans are increasingly rejecting candidates backed by this extremist organization. How appropriate that an endorsement from this agent of death is fast becoming the kiss of death for political office-seekers.

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