CAVU Pictures recently released its faith-based independent film “Vito Bonafacci.” The film is about a successful and wealthy Italian American Catholic businessman who has a crisis of faith. Driven by a deeply personal calling to create a film that glorifies God, first-time filmmaker John Martoccia helms this daring independent production. Actor Paul Borghese gives an intense and deeply moving performance as Vito Bonafacci, a man who wakes up to the reality that he has turned his back on God for the pleasures of the material world.

In a dream, Bonafacci’s mother appears imploring her son to abandon his pursuit of greed and materialism. “Beware of the false gods of money, power, status and pleasure,” she warns, and instead “return to the true path of life.” When he awakes, his vision propels him to explore the meaning of faith and the role of religion in tempering one’s soul. As the echo of his mother’s words fill his thoughts, he reaches out to his local priest to begin the renewal of his Catholic faith.

Bill Donohue recommends the movie as a much-needed cultural antidote to the contemporary fixation on materialism.

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