Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on the votes taken last night by a Virginia school board:

The Fairfax County school board last night adopted a series of radical changes that had been proposed to its sex education curriculum—but only after unanimously passing amendments that restored clergy to its list of competent advisers.

The original proposal had stricken clergy as recommended advisors to students who are confused about sexuality—even as it stated that “Emphasis will be placed on tolerance and nondiscrimination of all people.” That the board has now removed a provision that blatantly discriminated against clergy is an important victory for religious tolerance. As we stated on June 13, this was the most pressing issue for the Catholic League.

This victory does not negate the many other disturbing changes that the Fairfax County school board has made in its Family Life Education Curriculum. From replacing the correct term “biological sex” with misleading terms like “sex assigned at birth” and “gender identity,” to promoting drugs alongside abstinence in preventing sexually transmitted diseases, the board is acting irresponsibly as it promotes an ideological agenda.

We are pleased that the board heard our outcry, and that of many others, who protested the anti-clergy discriminatory proposal.

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