There must be some strange appetite out there for the commercial abuse of nun-like characters. The latest is a video game called “Sister Mary Lascivious.” An ad for this game appeared in the June issue of Ultra Gamplayers, a video game magazine by Imagine Media. It showed an illustration of a gun-waving, scantily clad buxom nun. Alongside the graphic was the following:

“A woman of faith and wheels, the only thing that Sister Mary prefers to high speed, vehicle-based combat is converting non-believers to her own special brand of religion. Although her swim wear is unorthodox, Sister Mary tries to find fun in the sun as often as she can. Besides, black makes me thinner, Don’t you think?”

We didn’t find much humor in this, nor did we notice that any other religion was selected for such “humor.” We registered our concerns with the publication and have asked them to withdraw the ad from future issues.

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