A Montana truck driver, Kathleen Folden, took a crowbar to the Plexiglass case housing artwork at Colorado’s Loveland Museum which depicted a man performing oral sex on Jesus. Folden was arrested after she ripped the artwork to pieces. Commenting is Catholic League president Bill Donohue:

Had the art depicted a man performing fellatio on Muhammad, the museum may have been blown up by now. So it is lucky that Ms. Folden is a Christian.

It is striking to read the responses of those who defended the obscene art. “I am appalled by the violence,” says Loveland’s director of Cultural Services Susan Ison. But she is not appalled by the portrayal of Jesus having a man perform oral sex on him. Indeed, she justified this obscenity by calling it “very complex.” Had the artwork showed her performing oral sex on her father, it’s a sure bet it would lose its complexity.

Bud Shark, the guy who organized this masterful display, released a statement saying Folden’s reaction “is the direct result of the inflammatory and false depictions of the piece in the press and by those protesting it’s [sic] inclusion in our exhibition. The controversial image has been demonized as ‘pornographic,’ ‘obscene’ and ‘depicting Jesus in a sex act’ when none of this is true.”

But if the art does not depict Jesus in a sex act, then what exactly is controversial about it? And if Shark is right that those who have protested this tax-funded anti-Christian hate speech are delusional, then are those who work at KDVR-TV hallucinating as well? When they showed some panels of the artwork on TV, they blotted out the oral sex part.

When the gay Rutgers student recently committed suicide after being videotaped kissing another man in his dorm, homophobia was blamed for his death. According to this logic, those who defended the artwork are responsible for the gal who smashed it. Hope they finally figure it out.

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