A new PC video game, “Postal 2,” is selling out across the nation. The sequel to “Postal,” the new action game allows the player to be “Postal Dude,” a character who kills anything in sight. The player can blow a priest’s head off with a shotgun and kick the bleeding head around the street like a soccer ball. It is also possible to wait in line for confession or kill everyone, including the priest, in the church.

Gays and lesbians can be killed (there is a “Fag Hunter” arcade), cops can be decapitated, Muslims can be shot, dogs can be set on fire and kittens can have their rectums blown to bits. It is also possible to urinate in a person’s mouth and watch him vomit.

Weapons of choice are abundant: shovels, tazers, rotting cow heads, pistols, shotguns, gasoline cans, rocket launchers, napalm launchers, Molotov cocktails, grenades, rifles, scissors, etc.

In a statement to the media, we emphasized that our concern was with those kids, mostly young boys, who come from troubled homes. The effect of experiences like “Postal 2” may prove disastrous for them; the danger is it may anesthetize them to human suffering.

 There is another disturbing aspect to this story. In a review of the video game in the Arizona Republic and in Gannett News Service, both media outlets made mention of the attack on gays. But neither mentioned the blood bath that awaits priests. How revealing. And how utterly predictable these days.

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