We recently received word that a disturbing video was shown at a seminar for the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association (GTLA) and then was placed on the organization’s website. The video “A World Without Lawyers,” highlighted the benefits of trial lawyers including their roles in medical malpractice, fighting corporations and civil rights.
The disturbing element of the video was that it mentioned, “Attorneys fought to expose generations of hidden sexual abuse…” followed by an image of the Boston Globe’s front-page story of Cardinal Bernard Law’s resignation. Thus, giving the impression that all Catholic bishops were guilty of wrongdoing.
After we received word, Bill Donohue immediately sent GTLA president Michael Warshauer a letter objecting to the use of the image in the video. After he received the letter, Warshauer removed the offensive image from the video from the GTLA website and his personal website as well.
We are happy that this issue came to a fair resolution.

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