Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on the Connecticut Senate vote on Justice Andrew McDonald:

Andrew McDonald’s unprecedented explosion of anti-Catholic bigotry in 2011, when he was a Connecticut state senator, should have been enough to stop him from subsequently securing a seat on the state’s Supreme Court, but politics prevailed. Now justice has finally triumphed over politics. In a 19-16 vote, McDonald has been denied the big prize: the Senate denied him the post of Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

Had McDonald attempted a state coup of temples or mosques—that is what he tried to do to the Catholic Church in Connecticut—Jews and Muslims would have been outraged. More important, the media would have been livid. That they were mostly silent about his anti-Catholicism shows their own bias.

Charges that McDonald was a victim of anti-gay sentiment were found to be totally baseless. Not one anti-gay sentence, by any public person or group, ever materialized. That is why Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy looks so foolish, and unethical, to be screaming about homophobia.

There was bigotry involved in this controversy alright, but it wasn’t gay bashing—it was vintage anti-Catholicism, promoted by McDonald and given cover by the media.

What a sweet victory.

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