A jury in Ocala, Florida has refused to convict a man on obscenity charges for wearing a T-shirt that depicted a nun masturbating, with a vile comment about Jesus on the flip side. No one will be shocked to learn that the decision was hailed by the ACLU and anti-Catholic bigots.

The front of Andrew Love’s T-shirt sported an image of a topless nun with her hands between her legs, painting a picture of ecstasy on her face; below the image was the inscription, “vestal masturbation.” The back of the shirt read, “Jesus is a (slang for female genitalia).” The T-shirt that Love wore promotes an English “death metal band” called Cradle of Filth, mostly known for its songs that are filled with references to Satan and devil worshipping.

News reports said that defense attorneys sought to convince the jury that the T-shirt was a comment on the hypocrisy that exists in organized religion. We took it as a comment on the sickness of the accused, the prostitution of the lawyers and the perversion of the First Amendment. We’ll make sure to log it in next year’s Annual Report on Anti-Catholicism.

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