Over the past several years we have pushed back against the anti-Catholic ramblings of Comedy Central’s Trevor Noah. We have contacted his bosses and his advertisers, alerting them to his foul and insulting attacks on the pope and priests. When we do, he typically cools his jets and avoids saying anything at all about Catholics. After a long interlude, he goes back to the well.

When Pope Francis recently visited Canada, as a sign of cordiality he adorned the traditional headdress of the Indigenous people. Noah took the opportunity to jab him, making light fun of the event. What he did not do was to resort to his usual filthy tirade.

We cannot be 100 percent sure, but it is highly unlikely that Noah would have acted with restraint had it not been for our ongoing battles with him. At least for now, he got the message.

To show how significant this is, there was a time when he used the most vulgar language to describe Pope Francis. This time around he said, “I love this pope. I really do.” We don’t believe him, but that’s not our issue. Our interest is simply getting him to stop with his vile commentary about the pope and priests. We’ve done that.

Not all victories are obvious. Sometimes they are won by what is not said.

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