Bill Donohue comments on lies told by the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) about the New York Archdiocese compensation program for victims of sexual abuse:

When it comes to clergy sexual abuse, the New York Archdiocese has one of the best records in the nation: it has not only handled the relatively few cases brought before it with diligence, it instituted a program to compensate victims. But to some, it is never enough. Worse is when critics lie about the facts.

SNAP is a disgraced outfit whose ethically challenged leaders recently did themselves in. Now someone whom we have never heard of has surfaced demanding that the New York archdiocese publish the names of six miscreant priests, the implication being that there is a cover-up.

This is a non-starter: the names of the offending priests have already been published by the archdiocese. It is scurrilous to imply otherwise.

The only real story here is how far some will go to try to discredit the Catholic Church. If SNAP officials had half the integrity that the leaders of the New York Archdiocese have, and have had, they wouldn’t be hanging an “Out of Business” sign in their St. Louis office.

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