Dan Lyons has written an article in the September 15 edition of Forbes magazine detailing how some lawyers for alleged victims of priestly misconduct have generously donated to victims’ advocacy groups.

For example, SNAP (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests) receives more money from Laurence E. Drivon than anyone else ($20,000 last year alone); Drivon is one of the most active victims’ attorneys in the nation.  Jeffrey Anderson, who has made tens of millions of dollars suing the Catholic Church, is also one of SNAP’s biggest donors.  Then there is Michael S. Morey, a victims’ lawyer known for writing generous checks to another victims’ advocacy group, Linkup.

Catholic League president William Donohue doesn’t like the odor:

“The nexus has now been revealed: victims’ lawyers are greasing victims’ advocacy groups.  Shame on SNAP and Linkup for allowing these lawyers to pimp them.  If this were happening in the corporate world, everyone would see this as another Enron scam.  But just because it involves the Catholic Church, those who are hostile to the Church will no doubt find it difficult to slam SNAP and Linkup.

“Nonetheless, the mask has now been pulled off SNAP and Linkup.  How dare they lecture attorneys for the Catholic Church for defending their client in an aggressive manner when they are on the dole of their sycophant lawyers.  If ethical standards mean anything to them, they will immediately announce that they will model themselves on Survivors First and forswear any funding from victims’ attorneys in the future.  No wonder these groups are holding out for more money in Boston—the more they can squeeze the Church the more their rebate is likely to be.

“I am sending the Forbes article and our news release to every cardinal and bishop in the nation.  Hope their lawyers put it to good use.”

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