Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on an unusually cruel attack on Long Island Rep. Lee Zeldin:

The Catholic League does not endorse candidates for elected office, nor does it side with Republicans or Democrats, but we do address issues of interest to Catholic voters, such as abortion. This issue has now exploded on Long Island, and the Democrats are responsible for the fireworks.

Rep. Lee Zeldin has represented his constituents in Suffolk County, New York for several years: prior to becoming a congressman, he was a state senator. His opposition to abortion is a source of consternation to his challenger, Perry Gershon. That is of little interest to the Catholic League. But when the New York State Democratic Committee comes to the defense of Gershon by engaging in a vicious attack on Zeldin’s pro-life record, that changes everything.

A campaign mailer sent by the New York State Democratic Committee shows a picture of a coat hanger with the inscription, “Lee Zeldin’s plan for women’s healthcare.” On the other side of the flyer it says Zeldin is a “danger to Long Island women.”

The real danger is the demagoguery of the New York State Democrats. To exploit the fears of women by portraying Zeldin as some kind of barbarian who would subject women to self-induced abortions is obscene. Those responsible for this vile assault owe Zeldin an apology, and that includes Gershon.

For the record, the Catholic League would register a vigorous protest if a Republican organization were to send a mailer with graphic pictures of bloody unborn babies, attacking an abortion-rights Democrat.

Everyone talks about the need for civility these days, but with examples like this morally low-class attack on Rep. Lee Zeldin, it is obvious that not everyone is sincere.

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