Catholic League president Bill Donohue explains why Viacom’s top executives are being contacted:

There are two hosts on TV today who would be fired if they said about other demographic groups and institutions what they say about Catholics and the Catholic Church: Bill Maher and Trevor Noah. It is Noah who is in our crosshairs today.

On June 11, Noah went on an obscene rant about Catholics and the Catholic Church that was so bad that we cannot reproduce everything he said. He took aim at the Vatican document on gender ideology that was released this week, lying about its contents and then using it as a platform to attack.

He went on and on—the man is fixated on filth—so I won’t even attempt to cite most of what he said. “I mean we all know the Church thinks if you’re a girl,” he said, “you’re a girl forever, and if you’re a boy, they’re going to f*** you.” He then offered several “pedophile jokes” targeting homosexual priests. The crowd loved it.

Noah’s show appears on Comedy Central and the network is owned by Viacom. There are 22 top executives at Viacom, and we are hand- delivering each of them (Viacom’s headquarters is 10 blocks from our New York City office) a copy of Noah’s remarks about Catholicism from March 26, April 22, May 29, and June 11. Surely there are some executives who will agree that what Noah is saying cannot be justified. They need to sit him down or fire him.

One of Noah’s advertisers is Honey Bunches of Oats, owned by Post Holdings. Post Foods has a good reputation and we are counting on them to pull their sponsorship. Please ask them to do so. We will take care of the Viacom top brass.


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