Nonnewaug High School in Woodbury, Connecticut, allegedly implemented a firewall blocking some websites that it deemed as “politically oriented.” Among those blocked was the Vatican’s website. Also blocked were the websites of the National Right to Life, National Rifle Association,, and many others. Websites that were not blocked, apparently because they were not considered to be “politically oriented,” include, Planned Parenthood, and

According to a complaining student, Andrew Lampart, a senior, he was told by Jody Ian Goeler, the Superintendent of Schools, that it was necessary to block certain websites in order to “prevent hate-speech from leeching into the school.” Lampart took his complaint to the Board of Education, and was told that his concerns merit a probe.

Bill Donohue emailed Superintendent Goeler the following letter:

“It is alleged that you support censoring students at Nonnewaug from accessing the Vatican’s website on the grounds that it promotes ‘hate speech.’ Would you please identify examples of ‘hate speech’ found on the Vatican’s website?”

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