Catholic League president William Donohue commented today on the appointment of Bishop Sean Patrick O’Malley to lead the Boston Archdiocese:

“To all those who have been screaming that the Vatican doesn’t get it, let them explain the decision to name Bishop Sean O’Malley the new Archbishop of Boston.  This appointment proves how utterly serious the Vatican takes the situation in Boston.  The pope has chosen the right man for the right job.

“Bishop O’Malley likes batting fourth in the lineup—he is the ultimate cleanup hitter.  Having tackled major problems in Fall River and Palm Beach, he is well-suited to the task of restoring the confidence of the priests and the laity in Boston.  This is an historic moment in the Catholic Church in the U.S.

“Unfortunately, Catholic dissidents are already taking shots at Bishop O’Malley for being too faithful to the Holy Father.  Rev. Richard McBrien of Notre Dame faults Bishop O’Malley for being ‘uncritically loyal to the Holy See and would not veer one millimeter from its policies and teachings on anything.’  To be sure, such a charge would never be made against McBrien.

“The Catholic League takes great interest in monitoring the way various Catholic groups, victims’ organizations and the media will respond to Bishop O’Malley.  No doubt they will embrace him initially, but the real test will come when they don’t get what they want.  Unlike Father McBrien and his ilk, we at the Catholic League think fidelity is a virtue.  And that is why we are delighted with the news that Bishop O’Malley is going to Boston.”

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