Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on two TV shows that ripped Catholicism last night:

The Catholic Church recently reaffirmed Church teaching on the Communion Host, stating that it must contain at least a trace of gluten. Though this teaching has nothing to do with public policy, and is therefore no one’s business but that of Catholics, two non-Catholic TV personalities used this issue to slam Catholicism on air last night.

Kennedy, the Fox Business host, asked, “Why does the pope hate my small intestine?” She added, “The wine is not enough to complete the spiritual circle of transubstantiation. Having a sip of Christian cough syrup is hardly partaking in the sacrament.”

Hardwick said, “Jesus is gluten! A pile of Jesus gluten there…maybe that girl in the Exorcist was just throwing up because she had a gluten allergy.” He then goaded the panelists to comment further. One screamed, “Be a different religion”; the other yelled, “Stop f***ing kids.”

Kennedy says she is Eastern Orthodox, and usually those Christians are respectful of Roman Catholicism. But not her. Perhaps she will weigh in next on the dietary strictures of Judaism or Islam, but we doubt it.

Hardwick is an ex-Catholic, and like so many of that ilk in Hollywood, he has devolved into an anti-Catholic bigot. He is also a recidivist.

Maybe their Communications officials might like to hear from you.

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