A movie adaptation of Dan Brown’s book, Angels and Demons, is now in production; it is the prequel to the film, “The Da Vinci Code.” But the shooting won’t be taking place in Catholic churches in Rome or in the Vatican itself. The Vatican has seen to that.

“Angels and Demons” stars Tom Hanks in his role as Robert Langdon, the symbologist. This time he is trying to unravel a plot by a secret society, the Illuminati, to blow up the Vatican during a papal conclave.

The Catholic League immediately defended the Vatican. Bill Donohue appeared on “Fox and Friends” to state his case.

Naturally, we were delighted that Ron Howard and his Hollywood minions were denied the opportunity to exploit the Catholic Church again. Any movie about Catholicism which draws on the specious work of Dan Brown is bound to offend Catholic sensibilities, so it was only fitting that Howard was shown the gate.

According to Brown, his latest effort reveals “a lot of inside information about the Vatican” that is “unflattering.” Now how would he have access to such information? He doesn’t even have access to shoot his film at the Vatican. And it goes without saying that his take would be unflattering.

Once again, Brown is merging fact with fiction. He is a master of deceit, and he never tires of smearing the Catholic Church. But this time his gambit didn’t work. We’re delighted the Vatican told him to take a hike.

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