This month, some of the Vatican’s critics tried to defend the indefensible. Only 3% of the 55,000 nuns in the U.S. actually belong to the LCWR. One would never know this by reading the secular press. But facts don’t matter to those gone loopy.

Joan Vennochi of the Boston Globe wanted to know why the pope doesn’t “crack down on protectors of pedophile priests” instead of nuns. But there is nothing to crack down about. As the latest report on priestly sexual abuse showed, no credible accusations were made in 2011 against 99.98% of the priests. Besides, the problem has been homosexuality, not pedophilia (less than 5% of the old cases dealt with pedophilia).

Monica Yant Kinney in the Philadelphia Inquirer said the Vatican “slammed nuns for devoting their lives to educating the poor, treating the sick, and feeding the ravenous.” That she still had her job after writing such drivel was the real story here.

Melinda Henneberger of the Washington Post said the LCWR got in trouble for supporting ObamaCare. However, legitimate concerns about this group extend back many years, having nothing to do with ObamaCare.

Pat Buchanan was fired from MSNBC because his bosses didn’t like a book he wrote. By contrast, the Vatican doesn’t fire anyone for breaking ranks. Which of these two organizations really can’t tolerate dissent? One more thing: we await a column by these voyeurs on the sex segregation that is commonplace in Orthodox Judaism and Islam.

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