Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on Vanity Fair’s ethics:
There is a new f-word that offends Vanity Fair and it is not the obscenity: it’s “fags.” Homosexual writer Brett Berk has made public his contrition for using the word in his online review of a recent episode of the TV show, “Glee”; he described two homosexual characters, Kurt and Blaine, as “fags.” One reason Berk felt comfortable using the word is because he likes to call himself a “fun and faggy editor.” 
Vanity Fair adopted its new ethics policy after being criticized by GLAAD, a homosexual activist group. It should be noted that it has no policy against printing the obscene f-word, which it has printed on several occasions.
The policy is so new that the word “fag” appears in the March 2010 edition of Vanity Fair. Apparently, the magazine is more sensitive to homosexuals than African Americans: in the March 2011 edition, they printed the word “niggers.” 
All of this should be of interest to Catholics because Vanity Fair has a history of Catholic bashing. It has proudly published malicious diatribes by anti-Catholics like John Cornwell and Christopher Hitchens, so for it to now claim that it does not want to feed bigotry is a bit of a joke. Maybe someday they will think of Catholics the way they do homosexuals, then all will be right by us.
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