The Cavalier Daily, the student newspaper at the University of Virginia, has decided to remove the two comics from its website that the Catholic League complained about (see our news release of 9-5).

“We are regretful that many took offense to them,” the newspaper has announced. “Offense was not our intent—neither the intent of the artist, nor the intent of the newspaper,” the statement said, “which seeks to provide contributors an open forum to present their ideas.”

Catholic League president Bill Donohue commented as follows:

“Our concern from the beginning was twofold: the anti-Catholic nature of the comics, and the fact that others who have previously been offended by the newspaper, namely gays and Muslims, have been granted apologies.  Now that The Daily Cavalier regrets publishing the offensive fare, and has pulled them from its website, they have effectively closed this issue. We are pleased with this outcome.”

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