Bill Donohue comments on an article by Utah professor Gregory A. Clark that appeared over the weekend in the Salt Lake Tribune:

Professor Clark is not your ordinary egghead. In one short article, he manages to malign God, Christianity, Pope Francis, and Mother Teresa.

  • He says God decided that “sitting out and willfully letting the rapes [by priests] was…the right thing for Him to do.”
  • “Christianity is not only ridiculous and repugnant, it is also deeply dishonest,” he writes.
  • He slams the decision by Pope Francis to recognize miracles attributed to Mother Teresa, saying, “This is superstition of the lowest order.”
  • Mother Teresa, he charges, “didn’t bother to heal the many others who have died under the care of the Missionaries of Charity, often in squalid conditions with poor medical treatment, despite the unaccounted-for-millions of dollars raised in her name.”

Now that’s quite an indictment: God causes evil; Christianity is offensive; the pope is delusional; and Mother Teresa is a fraud.

So who is this genius? Professor Clark is an atheist—big surprise—who thinks that homosexual acts are biologically natural (another shocker!).

Best of all are his qualifications to assess Catholicism. Here’s an example of the kinds of papers he writes: “Selective and Graded Recruitment of Cat Hamstring Muscles with Intrafascicular Stimulation.”

I’d like to close with a rejoinder but cat’s got my tongue.


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