Weilweb2Bill Donohue comments on the latest development over the University of South Florida (USF) professor who mocked Catholic priests:

I was faxed a letter today by Julianne Serovich, Dean of the College of Behavioral & Community Sciences at USF, saying the university was “carefully reviewing” the incident involving Professor Timothy Weil; I recently contacted school officials about this, including her.

On September 27, Weil spoke at the Florida Association for Behavioral Analysis in Daytona Beach, identifying himself as a USF employee. He showed a picture of a priest holding a crucifix on one side, and a toilet on the other side; in between was an equal sign (=). He asked the audience what the picture meant, and someone yelled, “They’re both full of shit.”

Weil does not deny what happened. But according to the Tampa Tribune, he says his presentation was misunderstood, and that it was academically valid.

Weil needs to educate me. He needs to publicly explain exactly what he meant by equating priests with feces. He also needs to explain why, if the audience member who spoke up was wrong, did he gleefully stroll around the room signaling his approval. Moreover, he needs to explain to the Florida taxpayers why they should pay the salary of someone who thinks it is academically valid to insult 70 million Roman Catholics.

Contact Weil: tweil@fmhi.usf.edu

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