In the last issue of Catalyst, we reported that USA Volleyball had scheduled games on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. The league objected, stressing the need to accommodate those Christians who wanted to attend religious services. At press time we had not gotten a response to our concerns, but one was forthcoming shortly thereafter.

In a memo to the Tampa Bay and Northeast Junior National Qualifier Tournament directors, Kerry Klosterman, the executive director of USA Volleyball, cited the Catholic League’s objections and instructed the officials to “take reasonable steps to ensure that players and other tournament participants have every opportunity to attend Mass on Friday.” They were also told to make available local church services over Easter weekend.

A non-denominational service was scheduled by the organizers on Easter Sunday morning. The reason for the non-denominational service was explained so as “not to discriminate against any faith.”

This just goes to show how insidious the officials are. It would never occur to them that by not making available a Catholic Mass and a Protestant service that they are discriminating against Catholics and Protestants. But at least they got off the dime and made some changes.

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