There they go again. The Eternal Gospel Church of the Seventh-Day Adventist (a splinter group that does not represent the Seventh Day Adventists), has once more succeeded in placing a full-page ad attacking the Catholic Church. Their biblically-flawed interpretation of Catholicism found its way into the pages of the August 10 edition of USA Today. We immediately protested.

In a letter to Karen Jurgensen, editor of USA Today, William Donohue pointed that previous runs of this ad in the Sun-SentinelMiami Herald and Washington Times have all secured assurances from the editors of these newspapers that this ad would not be run again. “I am asking that you pledge to do the same,” he said in his letter of August 10.

On August 13, Jurgensen replied saying, “It was a difficult call and we are, in fact, reviewing the process that led to the decision to run the ad.” She closed by writing, “I have shared your concerns with the advertising department.”

If USA Today decides to rerun this ad, it won’t be a difficult call for us deciding what to do next. We’ll keep you posted.

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