thBill Donohue offers an update on the Catholic League’s response to Jamie Stiehm’s article, “The Catholic Supreme Court’s War on Women,” published by U.S. News & World Report:

I had a very frank and fruitful exchange today with Rick Newcombe, Creators Syndicate’s CEO, the company that distributes much of Stiehm’s work, but had nothing to do with the anti-Catholic piece in question. I am convinced that Creators would never have published this article. But I am not done with Stiehm. I am giving her screed free publicity.

Because Stiehm’s article is such a classic example of anti-Catholicism, it really needs to be discussed in the classroom. That is why it has been widely distributed to the top schools of journalism, as well as to journalist societies and associations. Multicultural/Diversity institutes have also been blanketed; we hope her contribution to bigotry is used to educate young people about anti-Catholicism in 2014.

Stiehm spoke about U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor with derision, and that is why we scoured the Internet in search of every Hispanic media outlet, and Hispanic civil rights organizations; they need to know how a proud member of their community is being trashed by a so-called feminist. The competitors of Creators Syndicate also received her article. We made certain that the Federalist Society, and its chapters, received it. All total, it was sent to 754 people.

I will continue to discuss it in many media forums, and in speaking engagements. All our members will read about it in Catalyst, our monthly journal; it is distributed to all the bishops, and to many in the media, and other professions. Hollie McKay’s Fox News article on this subject is particularly helpful (click here).

We have heard from many Catholics, and those who are not Catholic, about this issue. We have heard from those who are regular supporters of our work, and from those who are not (click here to read one by Christine Flowers of the Philly’s Daily News). The result is the same: Stiehm crossed the line big time.

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