The March edition of Catalyst featured an anti-Catholic cartoon that appeared in the student newspaper of the University of Michigan, the Michigan Daily. Dr. Donohue registered a complaint with the president of the university, Dr. James J. Duderstadt, and sent a copy of the letter to the school newspaper. We are happy to report that an apology from the cartoonist and a conciliatory letter from Dr. Duderstadt have brought this issue to a close .

In his letter to Dr. Donohue, Dr. Duderstadt said that “The University is committed to a policy of non-discrimination and this policy includes religion.” Indeed, he stressed that “Last November, in an effort to promote greater awareness of our religious and ethical responsibilities, the University sponsored a successful conference on the Role of Religion and Ethics in Transforming the University.”

However, the conference obviously did not succeed in dissuading the cartoonist from offending Catholics, nor did it succeed in convincing the editors of the Michigan Daily from accepting the cartoon. Nonetheless, the Catholic League accepts the cartoonist’s apology and is grateful for the letter from Dr. Duderstadt.

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