Earlier today, Catholic League president Bill Donohue wrote a news release about a poster placed in the dorms of the University of Georgia that misappropriated Christian iconography: it altered the Michelangelo painting of the Sistine Chapel that shows the hand of God reaching out to Adam to depict the exchange of a condom.

Donohue e-mailed a copy of his letter, which was the basis of the news release, to Dr. Rodney D. Bennett, Vice President for Student Affairs. Bennett subsequently called Donohue saying he had heard from quite a few Catholic League members about this episode. Donohue explains what happened:

“I am writing to the president of the University of Georgia, Dr. Michael F. Adams, to commend him for choosing Dr. Bennett as his Vice President for Student Affairs. Dr. Bennett was not aware of the offensive poster until we contacted him, but when he saw it, he reacted swiftly and responsibly: his apology was as sincere as it was thorough. He pledged to take ‘corrective action,’ doing what he can to stop this from happening again on campus. He not only conveyed his ‘deepest apology’ over the phone—he put it in writing.

“Too bad other officials, in and out of education, aren’t as honest and diligent as Dr. Bennett. I am happy to say that this ends our dispute with the University of Georgia. Case closed.”

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