The University of Central Florida (UCF) student who walked out of Mass with the Eucharist (he later returned it), and who inspired University of Minnesota professor Paul Myers to desecrate the Communion wafer, was  impeached over the summer for his behavior by his fellow student government officers. The student, Webster Cook, still had to await the final vote on whether he would be removed from office. When school was resumed this fall, the student senate voted to oust him.

Myers wrote an article about this on his blog site entitled, “The Catholic League Gets One Petty, Cheap Victory.” In it he predicted that Donohue would be “gloating” over the news. He was half-right: Donohue wanted Myers punished as well.

We are still struck by the fact that students at UCF treated this matter more seriously than the administrators at the University of Minnesota did in handling Myers when he desecrated the Eucharist—he got off scot-free. All because of cowardice.

Maybe it’s time the students gave the administrators a crash course on ethics. They certainly came up short on Myers.

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