Bill Donohue comments on the U.N. Human Rights Committee report on Ireland’s law banning abortion:

This report was triggered when a woman claimed she was treated unfairly under Irish law. To be specific, she was denied the right to abort her child after her doctor said that her baby had a fatal heart defect and could not survive outside the womb.

This complaint, it turns out, was simply a pretext to the real agenda of the U.N. panel: any fair-minded observer who read the entire report would conclude that the panelists want to pressure Ireland into legalizing all abortions. Indeed, they make no bones about their goal.

For example, the report says that Ireland’s abortion law “subjected her [the complainant] to a gender-based stereotype of the reproductive role of women primarily as mothers, and that stereotyping her as a reproductive instrument subjected her to discrimination.”

In other words, since women carry babies, and men do not, any law that protects the baby in utero effectively treats the mother as “a reproductive instrument.” It must take many years of post-graduate education to craft such language—the rest of the world couldn’t even begin to think that way.

Similarly, one of the panelists went so far as to say that the abortion ban “targets women because they are women” (italics in the original). Three others complained about “the structural and pervasive discrimination that characterizes Irish abortion law and practice.”

These panelists have had their minds corrupted in the classroom. They sound delirious: their real beef is with nature, and nature’s God. At bottom, they resent the nature-based, biological differences between men and women. These differences are intractable and are duly noted in the customs and traditions of virtually every society in the history of the world. These savants need to be deprogrammed fast before someone calls the asylum.

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