Bill Donohue

A remarkable 3D photo of twin girls kissing in their mother’s womb has been captured by ultrasound. The photo of the American mother’s children was taken by Fetal Vision Imaging.

It would behoove the press to contact NARAL and ask for a response. During the 2016 Super Bowl, a Doritos ad was shown featuring an ultrasound picture of a baby carried by the baby’s mother. NARAL condemned it, saying it was “humanizing the fetus.” In point of fact, technology can demonstrate the humanity of an unborn baby, but it does not possess the power to “humanize” the child.

As Scottish professor Malcolm Nicolson has said, ultrasound has a “humanizing effect,” one that dispels any doubts about the humanity of the unborn child. That is one very important reason why pleas for social conservatives to abandon the culture war must be ignored—technology is putting the pro-abortion industry on its heels.

It is up to us to take advantage of these developments. Science is on our side, not theirs.

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